Buy Bamboo Plants, The Lucky Green Grass

Bamboo are wild long grass that grow in tropical regions amidst the warm climate. Being very ornamental they are popular indoor plants which you can grow easily. Tropical bamboo can adjust to the temperatures in side a home quit well and tend to flourish with minimal care.

Bamboo plants require very little light and can grow when placed inside a room away from a window, though they will thrive with more light. Because they require so little light they can be placed throughout the home adding color and soothing atmosphere to most any room.

Below you will find easy tips to grow and maintain these decorative and richly green plants

1. Bamboo can be grown successfully through embedding in a pot with soil containing mix of fragmented rocks, pebbles and clay. This porous material will assure proper drainage. Over saturation can cause rotting of roots. My healthiest plants have no soil only pebbles and marbles and stay submerged in water continually, therefor the less actual dirt you have the better.

2. When watering the plant you should have a little fertilizer mixed in the water in order to feed the plant fertilizer high in nitrogen, 21-5-6 is a rich formula you can get at most garden centers and large home improvement stores. As with all house plants bamboo could experience some problems here are two examples.

A) If the plant begins to turn yellow for no apparent reason take it from the container and see if the roots are squishy and soft if so you have some root rot the plant may be saved however you will have to treat it. Adding peat most to your planting soil will help to prevent this ailment.

B) Powder Mildew is another common problem cause by humid circulating air. Typically you can remove affected leaves and move to a dryer better ventilated room. Though ventilation is important you will want to keep the plant away from air conditioners and fan streams.

Interesting lore: Different numbers of stalks of the bamboo indicate different lucky effects. Such as-2 stalks - Love, 6 stalks - happiness, 7 - health, 8 stalks - wealth, 9 - good fortune and 21 - blessings and prosperity.

Some Asian cultures believe that due to its rare blossoming, the flowers are a sign of imminent famine.

Among the Andaman Islands cultures, there is a legendary belief that humanity emerged from a bamboo stalk.